Monday, November 24, 2008


Hi Stace!As you've probably guessed by now, i am your LSS. I'm guessing that you've read about the PO problems, and Kris and i came up with me taking pics of the what you're getting. I had to change the box anyway, since it had been opened in customs, and it had alot of stickers and tape on it.I'm hoping that you'll have it soon, and i'm so sorry that this happened.
So, here's your box:

First, the card:

Now, the first thing is a clearstamps alphabet:

Next some embellishments. I've put some in small ziplock bags, to get rid of some deadweight:
The ziplcok is a mini one, with adhesive on the side. They are
Some more embellishments:
Next is a silly thing actually. It's a totebag with drawings of creatures from Norwegian Folk

Then, some CANDY! Yeah baby! There's chocolate, some hard candy and some caramel choc:

Now some stickers:

Some more stickers:

A little christmassy giftbox that i made:

Some mini matchbooks for you to decorate:

Then some more embellishments:

A decorated tin filled with yes, you guessed it; BOOBY CANDY!

The last picture. These are some cutout sheets i bought. They have a bit of traditional norwegian christmas feeling to them. I had to take them out of the bag, because it wouldn't fit in the box otherwise.

I hope that you like what i picked out for you. I sure had LOTS of fun putting this together. NOT so fun when the box came back

Lostie love!

Kiss kiss

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Tammi said...

Jane, all awesome goodies!! Mmmm...look at all that candy, she's one lucky lostie!! Hope your having sweet Sawyer dreams. :)