Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Happy Lost day/Lost er tilbake

Happy Lost day to y'all!

As you probably can tell i am a fan, and i am happy that Lost is back so that we can see what happens if they manage to get back "home", what will happen between Sawyer (sigh) and Kate.....

I don't have any cards for you today, but a little eye candy is never


I dag begynner Lost!

I dag begynner Lost igjen i USA og jeg har fulgt de Amerikanske episodene av sesong 3. De har hatt en lang pause nå, og endelig er serien tilbake. Siste episode var så spennende at vi som er fans har ventet lenge på å få se resten.

Jeg har ikke noe kort å poste i dag, men litt øye godt slår aldri feil.....hihi

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane! I just found your site through a link and saw that it was Norweigan and thought of you, scrolled down and saw this hottie! (My heart did a nice little leap!) I scrolled back up and looked to see who's blog it was, funny, should have known! Love the pic and you have a nice blog.

Tammi (LotRFan)