Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Så er tiden kommet for å vise frem de første DAT oppgavene. Begge disse er laget med Milestones CSJr digi kitet. Fontene som passer til dette kitet, heter Ever After og Ibleum. Hvis du googler disse finner du dem på nettet.

På lo'en ville jeg ha skygge på bare ordene MOMENTS og IMPORTANT, og det fikk jeg til ved å kopiere disse ordene til et nytt lag, plassere de rett over de eksisterende ordene og sette på skygge. Når man skriver hele setninga på en gang istedetfor ord for ord, og så gjør dette etterpå, slipper du å tenke på å få passe mellomrom mellom ordene.
It's time to show off my first DAT submissions. Both of these are made of the Milestones CS jr Digi kit. The fonts that coordinates with this kit are called Ever After and Ibleum. If you google these fonts, you'll find places to download them from.

On the layout i only wanted the words MEMORIES and IMPORTANT to have a drop shadow, and to schieve that i copied those words to a new layer, positioned them over the excisting words and added the shadow. When you do it this way, and write the entire sentence at once, and then copy parts of it, you don't have to worry about the spacing between the words, or that they align.

Then i made a digi card. This is the first digital card i've made, and it was a bit of a challenge! I am so used to making cards from paper, with the limitations and possibillities that has, that it wasn't so easy trying to transfer that to the process of making them digitally. I used the stamps that comes with the kit to stamp a background. I then added a drop shadow to the main image and layers to create more texture and depth to the card


Tammi said...

Aww Jane, look at you two, adorable picture of you both!! Beautiful page and card...love the sentiments/font!

Rachel Hope said...

SOOOO cool!!! I am so proud of you!!!