Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skolestart/Back to school

Jeg har en søster som går sykepleien, og hun har en lang skolevei. Hun liker kaffe, og rett i koppen supper...:) og da tenkte jeg at jeg skulle lage henne en liten boks fylt med koppe-godt!
Oppi boksen er det 5 pappkopper med lokk, 5 bånd for å sette på koppen, så det ikke blir så varmt å holde og 4 sjokolader. Jeg har også lagd en dokumentmappe av konvolutter som jeg har fylt med rett i koppen supper og kakao.
Alt papiret er Basic Grey
My sister goes to nursing school, and she has a really long commute, and she loooves her coffe and cup-a-soup's....:)so i got the idea that i'd make her a box filled with cup-goodies!
Inside the box are 5 paper coffe cups, with lids, 5 "belts" to slide onto the cups so it wont be so hot to hold it, and 4 candy bars. I've also made a small holder out of envelopes that i've filled with cup-a-soups and cocoa.
All paper is from Basic Grey.


JazzyH said...

What a great idea. Very nice!

raindropecho said...

Wow, can't say enough about this. What a great set; I would never have thought of making coffee cup "belts." You talented lady, you!!
- Ann

Anne C said...

Wow! Det var da en fantastisk gave å gi bort!!

Tammi said...

Jane this is a wonderful idea, a great gift for your sister! OHHHH I wish I could have gone to that concert with you!!! Lucky girl! Can't wait to hear some of their new music. :) ~Hugs

Rachel Hope said...

WOW, Awesome are sheer genius to think of it!

debbies said...

HOW COOL IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

What an awesome gift idea! Love this! :)